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Maria Lalloo


The idea was born when I was ten years old on my first safari in Zimbabwe.

The magic of gazing out over an endless savannah and watching a herd of elephants slowly wander off towards the horizon planted the seed of a dream to one day set up and run a safari agency myself.

With a father who grew up in Zimbabwe, there were later more opportunities to go on safari and more opportunities to get to know and understand Africa and its people.

My ambition has always been to explore the world and I have studied and worked in New York, Sydney, Crete and Dublin. Eventually I realised that it was Africa that still held a special place in my heart.

I moved to Cape Town to sell safaris and then studied tourism, marketing and economics in Gothenburg where I also started my own tourism consultancy.

In Tanzania I met people who had the same drive as me, but with a knowledge that complements mine and now we are a great team based in both Sweden and Tanzania.

It was no coincidence that I chose Tanzania. Tanzania is in my opinion the best country for safari with its mix of wildlife, interesting people and nature. A nature film, a photo or a story can never give a true picture of the savannah.

You simply have to come here and create your own safari story.

lions on the savannah


responsible on zanzibar

Helen has worked for many years as a travel and excursion designer. She has lived on the island for 7 years and has developed a very good relationship with the locals.

The tours she has developed have been created together with them, which means that you won't find exactly those tours anywhere else. She has gotten close to many local families and really appreciates the Zanzibari hospitality.

Helen loves Stone Town's unique atmosphere and mix of cultures, but her favourite is the east coast and Jambiani where she lives.

lions on the savannah


responsible northern tanzania

Mohamed grew up near Kilimanjaro and has climbed the mountain a number of times.

For him, it is important that all trips have a sustainable perspective. He has already done a number of Kilimanjaro climbs where the aim was to pick up litter along the way.

Mohamed is creative, enthusiastic and has many years of experience in the safari industry. He is constantly brainstorming new tours and experiences that can exceed clients' expectations.

lions on the savannah


The experience of a safari depends largely on the guide. We therefore select our guides very carefully and ensure that they are of high quality and have a wonderful personality and a twinkle in their eye. As a customer, you always have the same guide throughout the trip.

We ensure that our guides are constantly trained and developed. Every year they get the opportunity to go on a field trip somewhere in Tanzania with different purposes every year. Our themes can be anything from "Sustainability" to "Learning about plants" or "Tracking animals". This is usually very appreciated as it is also an opportunity for our guides to meet and share stories with each other.



Mubarak studied wildlife management. Few can match him when it comes to knowledge of Tanzania's wildlife. He loves to share interesting details about animals and plants and is passionate about teaching tourists more about Tanzania's nature. Mubarak's favourite animals are African wild dogs and if you are really lucky you might get to see them with him.


Guide Zanzibar

Hadji was born and raised in Zanzibar. His father started one of the first spice farms on the island. Vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper grow here. He has spent a lot of time on the spice farm and has learned most of what there is to know about the spices there. He loves meeting new people and having the opportunity to share his experiences. Hadji has an infectious laugh and can joke about most things.



Massawe is our own master chef. He was born and raised near Kilimanjaro and has been cooking for almost 10 years. He is an expert in making soups and usually serves magical soups for starters. He loves going on long safaris as he gets to use many of his recipes. You are guaranteed to be full and satisfied during your trip if you go with Massawe as he puts his heart and soul into serving good food with a twist!



Emmanuel is a member of the Chagga tribe and says that's where his charm and quick wit come from. He has experience from safaris in both southern and northern Tanzania. Emmanuel sees everything, and is very curious and excited despite having been on safari so many times. He loves to share what he knows and often surprises travellers with exciting facts and stories.



Yasin loves going on long safaris and experiencing new and exciting situations on the savannah. He likes to organise and plan everything down to the last detail. He knows which small roads to take to have the best chance of seeing specific animals and loves beautiful views. He will take you on trails that few others find and is a calm and stable person but loves adventures.



Hussein is an entertainer and loves to socialise with new tourists. He always has a smile on his face and will make you feel like one big family. Hussein loves children and is good at explaining things in an understandable way. It's hard to find someone as good at spotting animals hiding in the savannah. Clients who have gone on safari with him say he has the eyes of an eagle.

Goodluck Mlinga

Moshi Guide

Goodluck Mlinga is a real fighter and has climbed Kilimanjaro more than 50 times. According to him, every rock on Kilimanjaro knows his name. If you ask Goodluck if it's hard, he says "look at me, if I can do it, anyone can do it! You just take one step and then another and so on". He loves giving motivational speeches and knows how to create a great atmosphere. He also likes to do guided tours in Moshi as it is his hometown and a place he is very proud of.



Iddi was born in Moshi and has been helping out in his mother's restaurant since he was a child. He quickly realised that the kitchen was where he belonged. He has also always loved being outdoors and meeting new people. So for him, this is a dream job where he can combine everything he loves. The feeling of serving food that he has prepared himself and seeing someone enjoy and appreciate it is, according to Iddi, indescribable. His favourite food is fried goat and his favourite animal is zebra as he loves anything with stripes.


Responsible for Sustainability

Jon was born in the USA, but has lived in Arusha for 5 years now. He is an engineer and has always had a keen interest in the environment. Jon has worked on several sustainability projects and is keen to involve the local population in the development. His great passion is trees and his eyes light up when he talks about his various tree projects. Together with us, Jon has set up our mango project and ensures that the trees are planted and continue to grow and bear fruit.

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Sustainable travel

Offering sustainable travel is very important to us and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact. We fully offset our carbon footprint and cooperate with several local projects in Tanzania. Based on the local conditions in Tanzania, our aim is to promote local and small-scale tourism where the economic benefits accrue to the local population. When you go on safari, our goal is that the only footprint we will leave is the wheel tracks of our safari jeep.

different paths


We know that many travellers find it confusing to have too many choices. That's why we have ready-made "safari packages" based on the most popular tours. If you have specific requests about how many days you want to spend in the different parks or if you want to be in a particular park for more days, this is of course no problem. We can tailor the trip to your preferences, although we may have opinions (visiting 4 parks in 4 days is not recommended, for example). Some people like to stay in a lodge while others find it more exciting to stay in a tent. You can also mix your accommodation if you want to stay in a tent for a few nights and a lodge for a few nights. We have departures every day of the year so that you can start whenever it suits you and make the most of your holiday.

prices tanzania


We are a digital travel agency and therefore do not need to spend money on expensive sales offices. However, you can always get in touch with us easily. By buying your own flight ticket, the total price will be significantly cheaper as flights to Tanzania do not have to be very expensive.

Many companies often charge a lot to arrange that part of the trip. However, booking on your own is easy and if you would like help finding trips, please get in touch and we can help. Park fees in Tanzania have risen considerably in recent years, which of course affects the overall price of the safari. However, it is important to remember that the money goes to, among other things, training more rangers to protect the animals from poachers, which is a major problem in Tanzania.  


commitment & knowledge

We have chosen Tanzania as our only destination so that, unlike many other companies, we can put all our focus there. For us, safaris are not just a business, we put our soul into your trip and make sure you have a good time and can relax. We are a small team, big enough to know what tours to offer and how to design them, but small enough to be responsive to each client. Of course, we test all our tours and accommodations ourselves to know exactly what we sell and what we can develop. Our guides are continuously trained. We have the knowledge of when it is best to go to the different parks, so you can rest assured that you will be in the right place at the right time.

care for each other

Personal Service

We won't be satisfied with our job until you're satisfied with your journey. Booking a trip with us should be easy and we respond within 48 hours. We'll send you the information you want by email, but you can also give us a call to discuss. For us, every customer is important and you should feel completely safe with us. Our service doesn't end when you book your trip, we're with you all the way. Even after the trip, your feedback is important as we are always striving to improve. Our experience so far shows that many people who have travelled with us are already planning their next trip here.

unique experiences

Unique experiences

Being on the ground in Arusha and Zanzibar, we have very good contacts with the locals and a unique knowledge of interesting and exciting experiences. We therefore offer activities and tours that very few others do. When you go on safari it often includes walking safari and a visit to a Maasai village and as a client you can also choose to add canoe safari, coffee tours, day trips to Kilimanjaro and night safari. In Zanzibar we offer authentic experiences outside the tourist areas such as cooking classes and cycling tours.

travel safely

financial security

We have a travel guarantee with the Chamber of Commerce, which means that you can feel completely safe booking with us. Kammarkollegiet is a government agency that sets travel guarantees for travel agencies in Sweden. This means that if you book a trip with us, you are guaranteed your money back if for any reason we are unable to deliver the trip to you. This guarantee does not apply if you book the trip yourself or with a local tour operator. We also have some of the best payment terms in the industry.

safari jeep

private tours

Everyone travels differently and has different expectations of a safari trip. In order to make your trip the way you want it to be, we arrange private safaris (unless you specifically request otherwise). The optimal way to experience the savannah is at your own pace. You will be able to stop whenever you want to watch your favourite animal. You don't have to feel like you have to fit in with anyone else and no one will stand in your way when you going to take photos. We don't have a limited number of miles in the national parks like some other companies so you can go unlimited while you're in the park. You will always go in 4-wheel drive jeeps with the option to open the roof to stand up and watch. Standing up and looking out over the plains gives a sense of freedom that is indescribable.


satisfied customers

We are very proud to have 4,5/5 on Tripadvisor. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations. As we are constantly working to improve the details of our tours, your feedback is very important to us. We have already added several activities according to customer requests. Our service doesn't end when you book your trip, we are with you every step of the way. Our experience so far shows that many people who have travelled with us are already planning their next trip to Tanzania.

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